Johannes Kepler University Linz
Institute for Integrated Circuits
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Pretl
Altenberger Straße 69 | SCP4 0332
4040 Linz | Austria
Tel: +43 732 2468 4748

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Pretl

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Pretl

Science Park 4, 3rd floor, room 0332
Phone: +43 732 2468 4748

  • Promotion to Sr. Principal Engineer at Intel Corp. (2016)
  • Professor at JKU, Research Institute for Integrated Circuits (RIIC, October 2015)
  • Principal Engineer at Intel Corp. working on cellular RF transceivers and mobile communications platforms (DMCE GmbH & Co KG, 2011-2015, part-time since October 2015)
  • IEEE Senior Member (2008)
  • Circuit design, project manager and systems architect working on cellular RF transceivers at Infineon Technologies (DICE GmbH & Co KG, 2000-2011)
  • Ph.D. thesis (Dr.techn. degree) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (2001)
  • Electrical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing. Degree) at the University of Technology Graz (1997)
  • Invited lecture: Pretl, H., “Current Developments and Future Trends in Mobile Terminal Frontend Architectures,” IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Oct 2015
  • Moreira, J.; Leuschner, St.; Stevanovic, N.; Pretl, H.; Pfann, P.; Thüringer, R.; Kastner, M.; Pröll, Ch.; Schwarz, A.; Mrugalla, F.; Saporiti, J.; Basaran, U.; Langer, A.; Werth, T.; Gossmann, T.; Kapfelsperger, B.; Pletzer, J., „A Single-Chip HSPA Transceiver with Fully Integrated 3G CMOS Power Amplifiers,” IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, Feb 2015
  • Oßmann, P.; Fuhrmann, J.; Dufrene, K.; Pretl, H.; Springer, A., „A linear Watt-Level Power Amplifier Implemented in 28nm Standard CMOS Technology,“ Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, 2014
  • Sturm, J.; Xinbo Xiang; Pretl, H., “A 65nm CMOS wide-band LNA with continuously tunable gain from 0dB to 24dB,” Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2013 IEEE International Symposium on, pp.733-736, 19-23 May 2013
  • Vazny, R.; Schelmbauer, W.; Pretl, H.; Herzinger, S.; Weigel, R., “An interstage filter-free mobile radio receiver with integrated TX leakage filtering,” Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC), 2010 IEEE, pp.21-24, 23-25 May 2010
  • Pretl, H., “Multi-Standard Radios for 2G and 3G,” International Integrated Circuits Symposium (ISSCC), 2010, Forum F2: Reconfigurable RF and Data Converters
  • Schelmbauer, W.; Pretl, H.; Maurer, L.; Adler, B.; Weigel, R.; Hagelauer, R.; Fenk, J., “An analog baseband chain for a UMTS zero-IF receiver in a 75 GHz SiGe BiCMOS technology,” Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, 2002 IEEE, pp.267-270, 3-4 June 2002
  • Pretl, H., „RF Integrated Homodyne Transceivers for 3G Mobile Radio“, International Microwave Symposium (IMS), Seattle, 2002
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