Johannes Kepler University Linz
Institute for Integrated Circuits
Doris Nikolaus
Altenberger Straße 69 | SCP4 0329
4040 Linz | Austria
Tel: +43 732 2468 4730

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Open Positions

We encourage ‘international students’ to apply. For information about VISAs, student registration, life in Austria in general, etc. we refer to our international office at JKU:

Team philosophy

Our team approaches quantum computing from the interface between computer science (CS), (quantum) physics, (applied) math and artificial intelligence (AI). To properly reflect this interdisciplinary research agenda, we welcome committed people from varying scientific backgrounds (e.g. CS, physics, math, EE and AI). We strongly believe that diversity breeds creativity and encourage a wide range of candidates to apply.

Current job openings (PhD):

We are currently looking for doctoral (PhD) students that work on the following topics:

  1. hybrid quantum-classical algorithms for real world problems;
  2. quantum algorithms for (convex) optimization;
  3. synergies between quantum computers and HPC clusters;
  4. (machine) learning from quantum simulation experiments.
In this position you will learn to work with different programming languages (e.g. python, Julia), quantum computing and/or machine learning, as well as mathematical reasoning. Preferably you are already familiar with (at least) one of these topics, but we do provide you with the opportunity to dive deeper into each of those. You will work collaboratively in a team and we want you to grow into an independent quantum researcher with a versatile skill set.

Furthermore, each position comes with the potential to travel and present your work at international conferences, while at the same time being part of a young, dynamic, and diverse team. If you have any interest in (further) advancing your teaching and/or public communication skills, we happily support you in that endeavor as well.

How to apply (PhD):

To apply, please send an e-mail to (subject: “PhD application”) and attach the following documents (as PDF):

  1. a letter of motivation that tells us why you are interested in joining our group;
  2. a comprehensive CV and a transcript of records;
  3. contact data of (at least) one academic reference, e.g. your master thesis supervisor.

Further information (PhD):

Starting dates are flexible and can be discussed. PhD appointments will be for a period of 3-4 years with .with a monthly salary of about 3.277€ before taxes (you can use this converter to approximately deduct taxes) received 14 times a year. Health-care is also covered by this appointment.

Successful candidates will be associated with the Department of Computer Science at Johannes Kepler University Linz and complete their doctoral studies with either a Dr. techn. or a Dr. rer. nat.

How to apply (postdoc):

We currently cannot offer dedicated projects for postdocs. While funding is limited, this also means that we are more flexible in the choice of topic and type of position we want to fill. We encourage aspiring postdocs to reach out to Richard Kueng ( subject: “postdoc application”) if you are interested in joining our group.