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Gradient Generator

This page provides the Gradient Generator: a tool allowing to automatically create designs for tree-shaped concentration gradient generators. Such devices are used to mix two fluids with different concentration values and provide various mixtures of these fluids (i.e., mixtures with certain concentration values) at corresponding outlets. The concentration values at the outlets as well as the number of outlets can be specified by the user. Besides this, the user only has to specify basic input parameters, such as the channel width, fluid viscosity, flow rates etc. Based on this parameters a design of a tree-shaped concentration gradient generator is automatically generated and can then be downloaded as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file.

Details of the approach are summarized in the paper entitled "Automatic Design of Microfluidic Gradient Generators".

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If you use the tool for your research, we would be thankful if you referred to it by citing the following publication:

   title={Automatic Design of Microfluidic Gradient Generators},
   author={Gerold Fink and Tina Mitteramskogler and Marcus Hintermüller and Bernhard Jakoby and Robert Wille,
   journal={IEEE Acess},

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